Suzy for Ceci Korea, October 2014

Jinwoo the third rapper

dude, did you make the 2ne1 gift set of missing you with the "i am strong, i am worthy, i am beautiful, I am perfect, I am me" quotes? If so they are beautiful and really made me smile and i love 2ne1 and needed to read something like that right now. :) xx you are very talented!!

Yes. That is my post. Thank you for the message babyy— you’re so sweet. I’m blushing over here. And you’re welcome.

Rihanna out and about in New York.


new years resolution

  • become a dragon
  • be a dragon
  • continue to be a dragon
  • dragon
  • be rich like g-dragon
“2NE1’s music is not just about our “essence” or our new looks, they’re also songs where a person will be able to remember once you hear them, and these songs bring joy to others.” Bom

Bom being silly ♡ requested by datmerve and anonymous